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My kitchen is only 8’x8’, but the size of it does not hinder my passion to make good home cooked meals. Welcome to my kitchen! I’ve always been fascinated with cooking, but I’ve only been seriously doing it since 2007. It started out as a special way to give to those closest to me, but I have come to realize I was the one who was getting something out of it. It hasn’t always been fun; there have been some definite frustrations, but it has always been worth it. Learning from your mistakes is part of the process. So don’t give up, and set your inner chef free! My philosophy on cooking is that you don’t need a lot of gadgets and fancy appliances, to make good food. All you need are good ingredients and a plan. Since my kitchen is so small, I do not have the space to store a giant mixer and a huge food processors but I am still able to craft delectable meals almost daily. Thanks for visiting Ate by Ate, & I hope you enjoy joining me on my culinary journey. Joyful cooking!

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